Solid Waste & Recycling

Please note Snohomish County's North County Recycling/Transfer station is under construction. Please expect the following changes:
  • Recycling will be limited to mixed paper, newspaper, cardboard, tin and aluminum cans, and glass bottles and jars.
  • Household hazardous waste collection will be limited to used oil, filters and antifreeze.
  • Batteries and fluorescent bulbs are not accepted.
  • Yard debris, wood debris and scrap metal will not be accepted in the recycle area, but will be accepted as garbage at garbage disposal rates.
The Public Works Solid Waste Division provides garbage pick-up to 9,500 homes, hauling 950 tons of garbage and recycling per month, and is one of only two cities in Snohomish County that provides citizens with service at a rate competitive with regional private solid waste companies. Collection charges include recycling.
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Garbage Pick-Up
Garbage is picked up weekly, Monday through Friday.Garbage is collected every official holiday except Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year's Day. If your service falls on one or more of these days, your garbage will be collected on the next day.

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If you have a question about your collection day or any other issue, please contact the Utility Billing Department at (360) 363-8001.