Code Enforcement Unit

The City's Code Enforcement Unit enforces the chapters of the Marysville Municipal Code that address public health and safety issues. The Code Enforcement Officer investigates allegations that arise from citizen complaints and works with homeowners to remedy these conditions.

After a complaint is filed, appropriate City staff will verify whether the complaint is a code violation. If a violation is confirmed, the responsible individual will be requested to take corrective measures to comply with the City code(s). If compliance has not been met by a date specified, and efforts are not taken to gain compliance, penalties and enforcement may commence in accordance with MMC Chapter 4.02.

A code complaint can be filed by downloading and printing a code complaint form and delivering to the code enforcement unit, located at 1635 Grove Street.  You can also file a code complaint on-line by selecting one of the most commonly reported violations below.  To ensure that the complaint gets to the correct department, please select “submit your code compliant on-line” below he most appropriate, commonly reported violations referenced below.



MMC Chapter 6.24 (accumulation of trash, discarded appliances and furniture, non-operational or junk vehicles on private property, overgrown vegetation, camping, open storage, non-maintained and abandoned structures, etc.)
Submit your code complaint regarding a public nuisance online


MMC Chapter 11.08 (illegal/junk vehicle parked on a public street, not private property)
Submit your code complaint regarding on-street parking online


MMC Chapter 10.04 (barking dog, stray and dangerous animals, chickens, beekeeping, etc.)
Submit your code complaint regarding animal control online


MMC Chapter 6.25
Report Graffiti online
Graffiti Abatement Program
Consent to enter property - Graffiti Abatement Program   



MMC Title 22 (critical areas/wetland violations, operating a business without a license or in an inappropriate land use district, setback violations, illegal grading, etc.)
Submit your code complaint regarding a land use issue online 


MMC Title 16
(construction without a permit, dangerous buildings, etc.)
Submit your code complaint regarding a building code issue online 


MMC Chapter 14.21 (discharging pollutants or hazardous materials into the city’s storm system or other waterbody)
Submit your code complaint regarding illicit discharge online 

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  1. Sgt. Davis
    Code Enforcement

    Phone: 360-363-8381