SR9/SR92 Break In Access

The City has obtained approval from WSDOT for a future break in access at the intersection of SR 9 and SR 92.  This will create a new west leg at the intersection, providing a new arterial connection via 35th to 40th.

Roundabouts at 83rd and Soper, 87th and Soper

The City is coordinating with the City of Lake Stevens to provide several new roundabouts along Soper Hill Road in order to accommodate traffic demands as a result of growth in the Whiskey Ridge area.

Whiskey Ridge Sewer Lift Station

The City has plans to design and construct a sewer lift station in order to provide sewer service for planned development between 87th Ave. NE and SR 9.

83rd Ave NE Water Main

The City will be constructing nearly 8,000 feet of water main in 2017 in order to achieve adequate fire flow for future development.

560 Zone Boost Pump Station

In coordination with developers, the City has a planned booster pump station to be installed in 2017 in order to support development occurring within the 560 Zone.

Capital Improvement Projects

To learn more about current and upcoming projects, view the Capital Improvement Projects page.