Harborview Park

Located at 4700 60th Ave. NE, this park spans 11.5 acres within the Harborview neighborhood adjacent the inter-tidal lands within the Snohomish River Estuary.  This park will eventually meet up with the Ebey Waterfront Trail that is being constructed along the Downtown Waterfront.

Deering Wildflower Acres

Accented by thick forest and an extensive trail system that weaves through ponds and wetlands, this passive park is special for its quiet and solitude.  As a condition of use, Deering must be preserved in its natural state for scientific, educational and aesthetic purposes.  This park is located at 4708 79th Ave. NE.

Qwuloolt Estuary

The Qwuloolt Estuary was restored in 2015, reclaiming the tidal flats.  This area is home to natural wildlife and fish, and offers opportunities for site seeing, kayaking and walking.  The East side of the Ebey Trail opened in 2017 allowing pedestrian access along the Estuary.  The Ebey Trail will evenutally connect the Downtown Marysville Waterfront with Sunnyside. The Ebey Trail is planning to span a 5-mile loop around the estuary and provide full pedestrian access between Marysville and Sunnyside. The trail will connect the Waterfront Park to the Harborview Park; along with potential for a new park in the Sunnyside area.

Bayview Trail

The Bayview Trail currently spans 2.75 miles through Whiskey Ridge offering a pedestrian and biking trail for residents.  The City is working to secure funding to complete a Phase III of this trail, which would connect the Bayview Trail to the regional Centennial Trail.