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City of Marysville Mayor's Youth Council Application

  1. Mayor's City of Marysville Youth Council Interest Form

    The vision for the City of Marysville Youth Council is to bring together youth dedicated to personal development and volunteer... More…

Code violations

  1. Code Violation reporting form

    Online form for reporting city code violations

  1. Graffiti report form

    Report graffiti in the city of Marysville

Community Bulletin Board Request Form

  1. Community Bulletin Board Request Form

    The Marysville Community Bulletin Board is available as a free public service for use by the general public, governmental agencies,... More…

Executive Office forms

  1. Community Beautification Program grant

    The City of Marysville will be offering grants to neighborhoods and community groups to improve their neighborhood.

  1. Hotel/Motel Grant Application

    The application period for 2017 funds is currently open and will close on Friday, September 9, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. To be eligible,... More…

Public Record requests

  1. City Public Records request

    General city public records request

  2. Police Public Records request

    Police records request

  1. Court record request

Request a Visitors Guide

  1. Request a Visitors Guide

    Thank you for your interest in visiting Marysville, Washington. Please fill out the form below to receive a free Visitors Guide,... More…

Volunteer of the Month

  1. Mayor's Volunteer of the Month Award Nomination Form

    The Mayor's Volunteer of the Month Award is an opportunity to recognize Marysville citizens for their volunteer contributions and... More…